A simple and reliable
reporting app

Akida makes it easy to know where your mobile team is, to send and receive messages from them and to collect real-time accurate data from the field.

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Collect accurate data, online or offline

Akida’s advanced reporting interface is capable of handling complex mobile reports such as loops, filters and skips. Also, you can capture signatures, take photos and record voice messages to submit alongside other report details.

With Akida, reports send even on a slow connection. If there is no signal available, the reports store on your phone and automatically send as soon as a connection is re-established.

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See the amazing things some of our Customers in 6 countries across diverse industries are achieving with Akida

EXP Agency

Experiential Marketing Agency

EXP uses Akida in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Ghana and Nigeria to monitor, evaluate and analyze activations and to carry out brand audits and retail outlets mapping. Akida empowers EXP and their clients with real-time insights to make accurate and timely decisions and to measure the efficiency of their Brand Ambassadors.

Toyota Kenya

Motor Vehicle Distributor

Akida provides Toyota Kenya with up to the minute updates of whereabouts of their sales team spread out across the country during work hours and live insights on their sales performance to empower them in key decision making. Akida allows Toyota's sales team to register their prospects, schedule follow-ups and record orders from customers.

Macheo Children’s Centre


Macheo uses Akida to follow the progress of their beneficiaries, know where their social workers are and to communicate with them. Akida helps Macheo maintain an accurate directory of their beneficiaries, increase transparency and accountability of their field activities, make informed decisions on which children or families to support and to measure impact.

Hipora Business Solutions

Security Management

Hipora uses Akida to confirm timely attendance, eliminate buddy punching (“local arrangements”) and save costs by reducing the need for costly physical supervision of their security guards spread out across various locations. Akida also provides Hipora with real-time patrols, handovers and incident reports to solve problems as soon as they arise.